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We are Viva Animali

Community where every pet lover meets each other

Viva Animali initiative has started with an acknowledgment that pet people are spread all over the world. They are connected spiritually through their love for pets but there is no actual way for all of them to interact with each other. Now, this oversight is going to be fixed with a platform that connects pet parents, vets and professionals, associations and more people under one roof of Viva Animali brand. Each of pet lovers will find what fits his/her needs among Viva Animali apps.

We are for Pet Parents

Nothing can compare with the joy of your dog welcoming you home or the tenderness your cat is curling on your knees. Now, all these moments can be shared with other same pet-folks who share similar values and experience related life situations. Using Viva Animali app you’re able to connect with others promptly for advice or sheer amusement.

We are for Vets & Professionals

We know how running a pet practice could be messy dealing with all the paperwork, scheduling and keep track of appointments when it would be easier to focus on what really matters — your patients — pets and their parents. Using Viva Animali app, vets get rid off of the hustle in their professional life and return enjoyment to their daily chores.

We are for Associations

Making life easier and happier for animals that are in need of that is such a hard work. Viva Animali is offering a hand of help with an app that could help find homes for pets faster and allocate more donations for the organizations itself.

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